The law firm of Weinstein Lindemann & Weinstein offers experienced mediation services as an alternative to litigation in court. Heading up the firm’s Mediation Practice is Cynthia Borsella Lindemann. With today’s backlogged court calendars and the very public nature of any matter handled before a judge, many couples facing divorce are choosing mediation which can have significant time- and cost-saving benefits.

In addition to the cost and time savings, this option affords numerous personal benefits:

  • Parties are not under the same pressure as they would be in a courtroom, which can produce a less adversarial atmosphere
  • Parties are often better able to “get along” with each other, resulting in a more agreeable outcome
  • Parties can avoid airing their “dirty laundry” or personal information in an open courtroom

Cynthia Lindemann is available to discuss your matter, confidentially, and answer any questions about the mediation process.